About us

Safety Solutions NI was first established in Lisburn, County Down, Northern Ireland in 1998. We have since grown to become a market leading company in Ireland and the UK. We have a diverse product range and sell items such as:

  • Waste Management Products
  • Corporate & Workwear Clothing
  • Street Furniture
  • Safety Equipment
  • Winter Products

In terms of brands, we supply products from premium brands such as; Broxap, Dassy, Herock, Theme Bins Wybone & more!

We prepare Winter products as early as August due to the unpredictable Irish weather. 

Safety Solutions supply public services with Salt Bins, Snow Shovels, Gritters & Signs to help keep businesses open during the hectic Winter season.

To assist clients and grow relationships with our customers we provide household wheelie bins which can be easily collected at our store or delivered at your convenience.

In the future, Safety Solutions NI will be investing in new modern products which will include; Smiley Face Recycle Bins, Smart E-Litter Bins, stylish Bollards, Recycle Stations, among many more trendy products from Safety NI you would be mad to miss.

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