AUTOPA Hinged Parking Post

Preferred choice for the protection of individual parking spaces

The AUTOPA Hinged parking post was originally patented in 1959, and over fifty years on, the AUTOPA parking post is still the preferred choice for the protection of individual parking spaces throughout Britain.

The extremely durable and reliable design ensures your parking space will always be available when required.  The reflective, high visibility band also ensures your parking post will always be seen.

The AUTOPA parking post is push-down to lock and is unlocked by pressing down on the cap and rotating the key (supplied with 2 keys).

Faulty goods will be accepted for return within 3days of delivery to you if they are returned and undamaged.

Non faulty goods may be accepted, entirely at Safety Solutions discretion, within 7 days of delivery to you provided they are returned in perfect condition and have not been used.

Where we accept a non-faulty return you will be credited at the selling price less a handling charge plus inwards and outwards carriage.

Any goods returned to Safety Solutions which are not in the condition set out above will be rejected and returned to you at your cost.