Makeover your school with Safety Solutions

September is approaching and the school year is about to commence..

This blog post is to give you tips on how to give your school a makeover to allow your pupils to have the best educational experience in and out of the classroom!

At Safety Solutions we have an array of novelty litter bins both for recycling and general waste. Why not make waste management more enjoyable for your pupils by featuring such bins within your school and around the school yard?

Our novelty waste management includes but is not limited to:

Communication and socialising amongst students is vital, our selection of conveniently structured seats and benches will allow pupils to communicate effectively in groups.

These seats include but are not limited to:

Encouraging your pupils to exercise is very important. A way in which, as a school, you can do this is to feature bicycle racks throughout the school grounds. This way pupils will have a safe place to leave their bikes therefore those which live close by will be more inclined to cycle to school. Meaning they are getting exercise and reducing their carbon footprint all in one!

Our bicycle racks include but not limited to:

For children, vitamin D is vital. Featuring picnic benches throughout the school yard will enable your students to enjoy the sunshine throughout their lunch break.

Our picnic benches include but are not limited to:

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