Delta Plus GO-SPECS TEC Safety Glasses

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This safety eyewear is the perfect balance between a pair of glasses and a pair of goggles. The lens is made from a single piece tough polycarbonate material, which is given a coating to prevent fogging and scratching. The neoprene elastic strap offers greater stability than regular arms and is also very comfortable for the user to wear.

  • The soft TPE flange comfortably seals eyes from splashes dust and mist
  • Ample indirect venting to reduce moisture infiltration and fogging
  • Tilting adjustment on every frame allows a comfortable and customizable fit
  • Neoprene strap: liquid proof
  • Supercoat™ anti-fog, anti-scratch, washable coating
  • Absorbs 99.9% of harmful UV A,B and C (130-380 nm)

Technical Info:

EN166:2001 Personal eye-protection – Specifications
1 FT: Oculars FT: Frame
EN172:1994/A1:2000/A2:2001 Sunglare filters for industrial use
UV 5-3.1: echelon
EN170:2002 Ultraviolet filters
2C-1.2: echelon

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