Factory Furniture CIRCULAR Tree Grille (Not incl. Guard)

£377.00 Ex. VAT

Carriage Added As Extra

The CIRCULAR tree guard and grille are designed to provide protection and support for feature trees. Its tasteful design and use of stainless steel and FSC® timber complement and enhance the beauty of the growing tree within. The stainless steel frame can be removed from the galvanised grille for repairs and the whole unit comes in two halves for easy installation.  Eyelets on the guard allow the tree to be secured when it is still small, providing additional protection.  If desired, the tree guard’s size (or other aspects of the design) can be adjusted by our in-house bespoke design service to suit your scheme – get in touch if you require more details.


Metric length 1130mm | width 1130mm | height 1500mm
Imperial length 3’8″ | width 3’8″ | height 4’11”


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