Factory Furniture Concrete BLOC Bench

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F1000 Heavy Duty Concrete Bench Carriage Added As Extra
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The Concrete BLOC bench is a heavy duty bench in exposed aggregate concrete. Its clean, modern design and variety of available finishes (including limestone and granite) make it a very versatile product. The bench has a stainless steel reinforcement frame for added durability. Its surfaces have been treated to increase water resistance and to make it less susceptible to graffiti. It can be lifted into any position and, thanks to its substantial weight, it does not require further fixing. It could serve as a vehicle deterrent or, combined with the Concrete BLOC table, it can provide the seating for a modernist picnic table.


Metric length 2000mm | width 500mm | height 450mm
Imperial length 6’6″ | width 1’7″ | height 1’5″

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