Factory Furniture Granite SERPENTINE Bench

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The granite SERPENTINE bench offers the ultimate material for architectural street furniture. The gracefully undulating form provides comfortable seating and naturally deters skaters. This bench is designed to last more than a lifetime. It is worked from a solid block of granite and comes with a bush-hammered finish. The heavy granite construction of this street bench makes it an ideal choice as an attractive vehicle deterrent. The granite SERPENTINE bench can be placed individually or run end to end for a longer line of seating. There is a matching granite SERPENTINE stool available for cluster seating. There are also a number of complementary seating and table products available in the same range.


Metric length 2200mm | width 500mm | height 450mm
Imperial length 7’2½” | width 1’7½”| height 1’5½”

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