Factory Furniture Large OSSO Litter Bin

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Carriage Added As Extra


The large OSSO litter bin is part of a newly designed range of public furniture. It complements the OSSO, OSSO² and OSSO³ benches. The range is inspired by the structure of cancellous bone, as its name suggests. The complex organic patterns are created using a Voronoi diagram.

Key benefits include:

  • Stainless steel non-marking top with built-in cigarette stub plate.
  • Cigarettes are disposed of in the usual litter.
  • Non-locking top avoids any maintenance problems.
  • It can be coated with any wear-resistant colour.

The large OSSO litter bin is a statement piece. It sits perfectly in street and town locations as well as shopping and airport malls. The small OSSO litter bin is a smaller capacity version of this product.



Metric length 500mm | width 500mm | height 850mm
Imperial length 1’7½” | width 1’7½” | height 2’9½”
Bin liner capacity 95ltrs

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