Factory Furniture Round GALVANISED Tree Planter

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The Round GALVANISED tree planter features all-welded mild steel construction with a hot-dipped galvanised finish. These simple but sturdy tree planters are 3mm thick at the sides and 4mm thick at the top and bottom and designed to last in excess of 20 years maintenance-free. There is also a Square GALVANISED Tree Planter in this range or other planters available in our catalogue.  The planter is large enough to contain a small tree or other plantings.  If desired, the planter dimensions (or other aspects of the design) can be adjusted by our in-house bespoke design service – get in touch if you require more details.


Metric diameter 1200mm | height 900mm
Imperial diameter 3’11” | height 2’11½”
Planter capacity 955ltrs


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