Pack of JSP Traffic Cone Bar Barrier Extendable (Box of 20)

£299.00 Ex. VAT

Pack of JSP Traffic Cone Bar Barrier Extendable (Box of 20)

These retractable traffic cone bars are very simple to use and easy to deploy requiring little to no storage space. The poles themselves are robust and can be extended from 120cm to 210cm easily creating a barrier to demark work areas.

The hoops and telescopic rods are made from plastic with a striped finish for improved visibility. There are two colours available with both sets of poles, red and white or black and yellow.

Key Features;

  • Lightweight – A single worker can easily carry enough poles for over 30 metres of barrier.
  • Durable – Plastic construction will not rust
  • Very Easy To Deploy – Cones do not need to be evenly spaced as they can be quickly adjusted to fit any space between 120cm and 210cm.
  • Effective solution to highlight hazard zones
  • Red/White and Black/Yellow colour combinations
  • Shortest extension length 1100mm – longest extension length 2200mm
  • Multiple configurations
  • 100mm loops at each end


Box of 20: £299

Box of 50: 649.49

Box of 100: £1,149

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