Wonder Grip Thermal Plus Latex Waterproof Gloves

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Wonder Grip Thermal Work Gloves Wet Work gloves with a warm brushed acrylic lining. Ideal for cold, wet conditions and winter work.
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This waterproof glove is completely different to any other on the market!

The Wonder Grip Latex Coating has a sponge like form which acts in a similar way to the suction disks on Octopus’ tentacles.

Latex coatings on work gloves has several advantages, such as being soft and supple, slip resistant for good grip.

The latex stays pliable and non-rigid even at extremely low temperatures.

The wondergrip Thermal waterproof glove is a 13 guage glove with a napped acrylic liner to keep the user’s hands warm, but not making the glove bulky and rigid.

It is fully waterproof and comfortable to wear in cold and wet temperatures.

Glove Sizes

7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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