Armorgard Flamstor Cabinet

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Armorgard Flamstor Cabinet.

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Armorgard FlamStor Cabinet™: Secure and Flame-Resistant Storage for Hazardous Substances

The Armorgard FlamStor Cabinet™ is the ultimate solution for secure storage of hazardous substances. Designed with specially engineered flameproof vents, this cabinet ensures the prevention of fume build-up, keeping your materials safe, organized, and easily accessible.

Key Features:

  • Safety and Compliance: Meets COSHH regulations, ensuring your hazardous substances are stored safely and securely.
  • Adjustable Shelving: Comes with adjustable shelves to accommodate various storage needs.
  • Heavy-Duty Security: Equipped with robust 5-lever deadlocks and chubb-style keys for superior security (excluding FSC5 model).
  • Fire Resistance: Built to withstand 30 minutes of fire exposure, offering essential protection for your flammable materials.
  • Bright Red Finish: Powder-coated for maximum durability and visibility, complete with standard hazard warning signs.
  • Ventilation System: High and low-level ventilation prevents fume accumulation, featuring flame arrester gauze on all vents.
  • Leak Prevention: Fully welded and tested sump base ensures no leakage, maintaining a safe environment.
  • Customizable Mobility: Pre-drilled holes and fork skids with fixing slots allow easy addition of castors for enhanced mobility.


  • Fire Resistance: 1/2 hour fire-resistant construction
  • Security: Keyed alike 5-lever deadlocks (excluding FSC5)
  • Capacity: FSC4 model holds up to 20x 25L containers, FSC5 model holds up to 48x 25L containers
  • Durability: Powder-coated finish for long-lasting protection

Choose the Armorgard FlamStor Cabinet™ for unparalleled safety, organization, and accessibility of your hazardous substances. This robust storage solution is perfect for chemicals and flammables, ensuring compliance and peace of mind in your workspace.

Armorgard Flamstor

FSC1 505x540x980, FSC2 800x585x1260, FSC3 1205x585x1560, FSC4 1355x780x1560, FSC5 2500x775x2315

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