Factory Furniture TORD Bench

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The TORD bench has a simple yet attractive, contemporary design. It’s suitable for use in a variety of urban street scenes and is capable of withstanding the heaviest town centre use. It features profiled FSC®timber slats mounted onto two durable stainless steel bases (galvanised steel option available). The benchtop is naturally free-draining, extremely robust and easy to maintain. It can be placed individually or run end to end to provide a longer line of seating. It can also be combined with the TORD table to provide outdoor eating areas. If different lengths are required this can be achieved thanks to our bespoke design service – get in touch if you require more details.  Other products in the TORD range include the seat and lounger.


Metric length 2300mm | width 400mm | height 450mm
Imperial length 7’6½” | width 1’3½” | height 1’5½

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