Grisport Platform Safety Boot

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Grisport Platform Safety Boot.

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The Grisport Platform Safety Boot is a lightweight, waterproof and fully reliable boot for those who crave ultimate shoe comfort and practicality whilst at work. This safety boot is another of our highly acclaimed models and has been awarded with the ESD Class 1 Certification, meaning that this product conforms to EN ISO 6130-4-3:2001 European Standard. The boot is also S3 safety level, guaranteeing your foot protection with this shoe. The ‘Total-Grip’ rubber outsole of the boot gives protection against slipping and is oil resistant. Further, the lightweight composite toe-cap and flexible puncture resistant midsole make this boot one of the very best safety trainers on the market.

The design of the sole of this boot also makes it resistant to temperature of up to 300oc and the shoe as a whole is insulated against heat to 150oC. As these safety shoes dissipate electrostatic energy build up, they are the perfect product for anyone who works in a High-Technology job, in atmospheres with a risk of explosion and in the presence of electronically controlled machines such as in Operating Theatres, Intensive Care Rooms, the Electronics Industry, The Chemical Industry, Clean Rooms and so on.

Please do note that the platform of this shoe is not suitable for Electricians or Technicians in contact with Electrical Conductors.

Lightweight Safety Boot
Safety Level: S3 HI SRC HRO
ESD Product: Electrostatic Dispersing Product
Flexible Penetration Resistant Insole
Lightweight Composite Safety Toe-Cap 200J
Insulated Against Heat to 150oC
Sole Resistant To Temperatures up to 300oC
Total-Grip Sole, Oil Resistant
Made in Italy
1120g per Pair

Shoe Size Euro

37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47

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